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ESG Market Solution: Energy Monitoring

With the rise of corporate ESG, companies everywhere are grappling with their responsibility to tackle issues like carbon neutrality, waste reduction, employee well-being and much more. As a technology solutions provider, we see a significant opportunity – both in terms of growing our business and growing our Purpose – from leveraging our expertise to enhance ESG not only inside HKBN, but for our base of over 100,000 enterprise customers and, in differing ways, for our more than 1 million household customers. It’s ESG enablement at scale.

Launching our first ESG-related solution

At a time when electricity costs continue to sky-rocket, our HKBNES team just launched our first solution to help enterprise customers monitor their energy footprint in real-time. Powered by IoT technology which directly tracks activity in the electrical wires, our Smart Connect: Energy Monitoring solution gives users 24/7 real-time visibility into key data like consumption, spikes in usage and more – with detailed reports generated anywhere, anytime via mobile app. To help us unpack details about this ESG solution, we spoke with Tony Leung, our Manager and Team Lead of Smart Technology, HKBNES.


"With real-time monitoring, companies can essentially extrapolate data down to any piece of equipment, and make calculations for carbon emissions, energy footprint and others."
Tony Leung, our Manager and Team Lead of Smart Technology, HKBNES.

Q: What value does this solution bring for customers?


At HKBNES, we serve all types of customers from every industry, including many with highly complex operations. Our managed subscription-based solution is a simple and cost-effective tool that allows businesses to get real-time information (updated every 10 seconds) about their consumption footprint. To put it simply, we see 3 key benefits for enterprise customers. First, our solution gives customers the power to control energy consumption like never before. With real-time data updates, users can map out their electricity usage and make corrective actions to manage spending. Secondly, customers can see the big picture with comprehensive reporting via our easy-to-understand dashboard which allows them to analyse and compare usage based on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly metrics. And thirdly, customers can now strategise and plan for the future. We see energy monitoring as a gateway solution that steers our customers towards a better digital transformation path. In the context of creating a more resilient and sustainable business, the collected data will help customers make informed decisions in areas like future equipment purchases, deployment of IoT controllers and sensors, as well as develop the right long-term energy management strategy for improved environmental impact and better overall business performance.

Q: Why is real-time monitoring superior vs. data from the utility provider’s monthly statement?


Legacy monthly statements reveal a very limited set of data. With real-time monitoring, companies can essentially extrapolate data down to any piece of equipment, and make calculations for carbon emissions, energy footprint and others. For example, a business can now pinpoint inefficient equipment, and make data-based decisions about replacing or even eliminating them. In other words, this is an extremely useful tool for any business planning to cut costs or minimise their eco-footprint.

Q: Besides monitoring and the examples you’ve provided, how can this solution help customers directly reduce consumption?


Our solution includes a unique notification feature that instantly alerts users when energy usage exceeds a pre-defined level. We also have options that will allow users to remotely switch on/off lighting and even specific equipment. With comprehensive energy data available anytime anywhere, enterprises can now better plan for electricity reduction measures and take remediation action to reduce their operational costs.

Q: Are there more ESG solutions coming through the pipeline?


Of course, HKBNES always strives to deliver the best, most cutting-edge solutions for our customers. Our pipelined IoT solutions will be tailored for all kinds of customers for use in office buildings, F&B environments, healthcare and in retail. These solutions will enhance each business’s management strategy and operations: areas like occupancy, water leakage, air quality, smart toilets, and AC fan coil unit thermostats are a few examples.

To learn more about HKBNES’s Smart Connect: Energy Monitoring solution, please visit https://www.hkbnes.net/web/en/promotions/details/2302-managed-iot-energymonitoring

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