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Friends of HKBN

We teamed up with Mannings to deliver better and more flexible healthcare options for HKBNers and our families.

Dear Friends of HKBN

HKBN x Mannings Pioneer FREE Pharmacist Consultations for Our Talents

As flu season and COVID-19 continues, long queues remain common at doctor’s clinics. As a Talent-obsessed company, we’ve teamed up again with Hong Kong’s largest health and beauty retailer, Mannings, to offer the HKBN x Mannings PharmaCare pilot programme (“PharmaCare Programme”). This pioneering programme will allow HKBN Talents, our family members and even domestic helpers to enjoy free pharmacist consultation services and medication at over 50 Mannings Pharmacy stores with registered pharmacists in Hong Kong. As part of this Programme’s terrific flexibility, HKBNers can now use Mannings’ officially issued Pharmacist’s Notes whenever they apply for 2 days of sick leave.

Our Talents, and our family members/domestic helpers can use the PharmaCare programme to consult with a Mannings’ registered pharmacist and get medication, giving us the flexibility to choose an alternative healthcare option, and cut out the long waiting times typically associated with clinics. Our programme covers conditions such as cold and flu, gastrointestinal conditions, women's health, allergies, pains and aches, eye conditions, minor skin conditions and oral health. Mannings’ registered pharmacists will dispense appropriate medication based on each user's symptoms. For circumstances when Talents experience severe or persistent symptoms and need to visit a clinic or hospital, our medical insurance will provide sufficient coverage.

In October 2022, we first joined hands with Mannings to provide a free AI-powered health screening service with generated reports for our Talents. The initiative was part of our two brands diversifying, as we converged for win-win and promoted professional health consultation in innovative ways.

“Mannings and HKBN have teamed up again to promote the health of Talents. With urbanites always busy with work, Mannings’ extensive store network and professional pharmacist team’s consultation services act as a reliable and timely solution amid busy schedules. We are delighted to work with HKBN to drive this pilot programme, showcasing how we can help businesses gain greater flexibility in the new normal.”
Andrew Wong, CEO of Health and Beauty North Asia of DFI Retail Group

“We believe that our company’s overall success hinges on the health of our Talents. The new PharmaCare Programme, which sees us partner with Mannings again, demonstrates the unparalleled flexibility we offer to our Talents, and we hope this pilot will inspire more companies to put greater emphasis on protecting the physical and mental health of their employees and families.”
William Yeung, our Co-Owner and Executive Vice-chairman

Click below to see how the PharmaCare Programme works:


30 May 2023


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