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Friends of HKBN

Dear Friends of HKBN

HKBN Crowned Best Enterprise by Hong Kong Business Awards

HKBN has won the DHL/SCMP Hong Kong Business Awards (HKBA) 2020 – Enterprise Award! Being named the number 1 enterprise in Hong Kong shows how far we’ve come as a home-grown start-up technology and telecom provider driven to making Purposeful Profits.

Now in its 30th year, the prestigious HKBA celebrates corporate excellence based on key factors such as growth & market development, innovation, financials, risk management, culture, stakeholder relations, social contribution, and employee engagement.

“At HKBN, profit is a subset of our Core Purpose to 'Make our Home a Better Place to Live'. This is our north star that we will never reach but we are super excited to get a little bit closer each day,” said NiQ Lai, our Co-Owner and Group CEO.


Through embracing Purpose, innovative thinking, and a commitment to deliver much more for our customers, our Talents are instrumental in HKBN’s success as Hong Kong's number 1 enterprise. Note: Photos without masks were taken pre-COVID19.

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What makes HKBN different? Here are 5 bold elements we are particularly proud of:


Doing business differently
Tough times! Rather than merely sell services to customers, our initiatives, like Barter & Bundle and Transformation-as-a-Service, are fundamentally transforming customers into partners – to make money together or to help run their businesses better, or both!


Embracing Purpose during COVID
Our purposeful COVID response included service fee waivers for about 1 million households and companies, free remote business solutions and enhanced flexibility to help corporate customers adapt and grow through the challenges, 10,000 free home broadband lines, summer job placements and mentorship for 100+ fresh grads, and more.


Exciting growth momentum
Being anti-stagnation, we embraced a ‘Change or Die’ mantra and expanded through consecutive M&As. Today, we're a fully integrated one-stop ICT business serving 1-in-2 active companies and 1-in-3 households in Hong Kong. Over the past 5 years, our revenue has grown 4X!


With nearly 1,000 Talents – 100% of our top management and majority of our middle management – invested their family savings as Co-Owners, HKBN is definitely one of a kind! Having mass skin-in-the-game alignment with shareholders means we are super committed to delivering compelling long-term results – like no other business.


Culture that makes us one of "the best to work for in Asia"
LIFE-work priority. Life-long development. Purpose. Empowerment. Need more? At HKBN, we enable our Talents to thrive and trust them with a simple rule: Assume yes, unless management says no!

16 December 2020


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