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  Dear Friends of HKBN

HKBN to Become Hong Kong’s Most Cloud-Proficient Telecom Company
1,000 Talents Gear Up to Help Businesses Accelerate Their Digital Transformation
  Understanding that the cloud is critical to the future competitiveness for businesses across all industries, we are taking a bold step to establish ourselves as Hong Kong’s most cloud-proficient telecom service provider with the most professionally-certified cloud experts. To make this happen, our 300 Talents will equip themselves with globally-recognised cloud certifications from Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) or Microsoft Azure in the coming 10 months, while another 700 Talents will undertake a learning path on cloud computing fundamentals at Cloud Academy.

This latest move aims to turbocharge our cloud business, augmenting our ongoing strategies to leverage best-in-class expertise from I Consulting Group Limited (“ICG”), a leading regional cloud expert and a newly-acquired managed service provider (“MSP”) of us.

Billy Yeung, our Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer – Enterprise Solutions said, “HKBN is gearing up to be the industry’s most formidable and knowledgeable cloud technology expert, embedding world-class cloud expertise across every level of our Talent base. Our aim is to ensure at every corporate customer touch point, our Talents fully understand customer needs and provide best fit solutions to empower our customers’ success.”

Starting this month, 300 Talents, including department heads and team leaders from Enterprise Solutions, corporate sales experts, technical professionals from IT and Network Technology as well as Talents from other business and customer support departments, will receive multimodal training on leading e-training platform Cloud Academy, and then undergo examinations to obtain cloud certifications from AWS or Microsoft Azure. Enabled with enhanced technical mastery of cloud computing and migration, we will perform as cloud architects and help our Enterprise Solutions customers optimise their business growth opportunities by accelerating their adoption of cloud and digital transformation.

Simultaneously, another 700 Talents are expected to complete “Benefits of Cloud Technology for Business: Getting Started with Migration” at Cloud Academy, a course designed to help professionals understand the fundamentals of cloud technology, strategic cloud transition and cloud migration planning. At present, all six members from our Management Committee, i.e., all CXOs, have already completed the course.

ICG is the exclusive partner of Cloud Academy in Hong Kong. ICG Chairman Andy Lau said, “Traditional approach to training is no longer effective. Cloud Academy redefines technical training by offering practical, impactful, self-paced and scalable e-training, ranging from the fundamentals to advanced scenario training for IT and technical experts. The bite-sized video courses support personalised learning process with maximum agility. As a leading enterprise training platform, Cloud Academy works with technology leaders in the world, and is adopted by major enterprises in different markets, empowering their technical professionals with the knowledge, critical thinking and hands-on experience needed to adopt, operate and optimize across multiple clouds.”
  Having completed the “Benefits of Cloud Technology for Business: Getting Started with Migration” course, all six members of our CXO Management Committee stand tall and proud. Having completed the “Benefits of Cloud Technology for Business: Getting Started with Migration” course, all six members of our CXO Management Committee stand tall and proud.  
  13 November 2018