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  Dear Friends of HKBN

Honoring Our New Grandparents with 3 Days Off
  Effective starting 1 April, today we unveiled our new 3-day “Grandparenthood Leave” for Talents blessed with the arrival of a new grandchild. This leave entitlement provides Talents with time off to welcome a new member into their family – and celebrate one of life’s most joyous moments. Open to all Hong Kong based Talents, a family photo of the three generations (including the newborn) is all that’s needed to be eligible.

CY Chan, our Associate Director – Talent Management & Organization Development and Co-Owner said, “At HKBN, our ethos is that LIFE takes priority over work, which is why we uphold ‘LIFE-work priority’ rather than ‘work-life balance’. We believe when our Talents are empowered with higher flexibility to pursue purposeful personal and family lives, they come to work far more motivated, resulting in far increased efficiency and productivity. Our aim is for more companies to adopt similar measures to care for their Talents, and join HKBN to ‘Make our Hong Kong a better place to live’.”

Besides Grandparenthood Leave, in recent years we introduced an impressive number of Talent-centric policies, such as shortened 9-to-5 work days, half-day off on festive occasions, monthly half-day off Fridays and more, that have reduced our employment hours. With 247 work days in 2017, our entitlement policies provide the equivalent of 37.4 days off for each Talent (see Appendix 1). In addition, delivering far more than the basic requirements stipulated by Hong Kong law, we make available other special leave benefits that cater to a range of needs for our Talents (see Appendix 2).

The following Talent benefits and entitlements demonstrate how HKBN is committed to LIFE-work priority.

  * Note: (247 standard work days – 19 HKBN special leave days – 13 HKBN standard annual leave days) / 8 working hours per day = 26.9 extra leave days  
  27 March 2017