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New World Telecom Renamed HKBN Enterprise Solutions From inside our brand new Kwai Chung office, HKBN Chief Commercial Officer – Enterprise Solutions and Co-Owner, Billy Yeung (front, centre) and his team of specialist leaders, stand united with Talents eager to take HKBNES to new heights.
  Dear Friends of HKBN

New World Telecom Renamed HKBN Enterprise Solutions
Fully Integrated Business Harnesses Synergy to Pounce on Market Opportunities
  Five months after acquiring New World Telecom (NWT) in March 2016, the integration of our enterprise solutions business is proceeding well, and accordingly, New World Telecommunications Limited has been renamed as HKBN Enterprise Solutions Limited (HKBNES), effective immediately.

The integration of NWT and HKBN’s enterprise solutions business into HKBNES brings value to both shareholders and consumers. Our shareholders benefit from synergy derived from greater business scale, opportunities to cross sell services that were previously fragmented amongst separate companies, enhanced sales commissions to drive more business, and operational cost savings from moving NWT office to Kwai Chung. Consumers benefit as the combined scale strengthens our presence and capabilities to better serve enterprise market customers at lower prices, delivering more network capacity and a broader range of business-imperative services, as well as service upgrades and more.

We are confident that our integration will drive sustainable growth of our market share. Echoing this conviction, 53 former New World Telecom supervisory and management level Talents invested their own money to become Co-Owners of HKBN this June, a noteworthy move that underpins our long-term potential for success.
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  HKBN Chief Commercial Officer – Enterprise Solutions and Co-Owner, Billy Yeung said, “Looking ahead, we are poised and ready to pounce on market opportunities with the determination of one extremely strong integrated enterprise team. With the integration of New World Telecom we’re able to offer our HKBN and former NWT customers better service and higher bandwidth solutions, all at much more competitive prices.”  
  HKBN Summer Internship 2016 To sharpen our spirit for competition, the HKBNES leadership team (from left to right: Elaine Lau, General Manager – Customer Services, Enterprise Solutions and Co-Owner; Mingo Tsang, Senior Manager – Sales, Enterprise Solutions and Co-Owner; Tim Kwok, General Manager – Business & Consumer Market, Enterprise Solutions; Clio Ip, Director – Pricing, Sales & International Business, Enterprise Solutions and Co-Owner; Karina Tsoi, Head of Corporate Sales, Enterprise Solutions and Co-Owner; Ivan Kan, Head of Process and Business Planning, Enterprise Solutions; Chris Wong, Associate Director – Business & Technical Service, Enterprise Solutions and Co-Owner; Billy Yeung; Maggie Liu, Senior Manager – Corporate & Business Support, Enterprise Solutions and Co-Owner; Alvin Chan, Associate Director – Sales, Enterprise Solutions and Co-Owner; Boris Wong, Manager – Sales, Enterprise Solutions and Co-Owner; and Loretta Ko, Associate Director – Sales, Enterprise Solutions and Co-Owner) cheers on a game of billiards between Mikron Ng (far left), Director – Customer Acquisition and Co-Owner and Adrian Watt (far right), Director – Carrier Sales, Enterprise Solutions and Co-Owner.  
  HKBN Summer Internship 2016 A boisterous match of foosball helps the HKBNES team loosen up and stay primed for the next new challenge.  
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  1 September 2016