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Our Call to Reduce Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Wastage
  Dear Friends of HKBN

Our Call to Reduce Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Wastage
  According to Green Power’s 2015 survey on consumption and celebration during Mid-Autumn Festival, Hong Kong threw out more than 1.85 million mooncakes last year. Factor in the mooncake packaging (usually large metal containers), and we’re talking massive amounts of waste!

As Hong Kongers, we know that time-honoured celebrations like Mid-Autumn Festival play a big part in our heritage. However as a responsible business, we’re adopting new ways to both uphold tradition and keep excess consumption to a minimum.

In time for the festive celebrations, this year together with 130 corporations (and counting) we have signed up to Food Grace’s “Green Mid-Autumn Festival Food Saving Pledge 2016”. As a result, we’re informing friends, partners and corporate customers of our pledge not to receive mooncakes (those we collect shall be donated to the community), and for our part, we will send healthy, low carbon alternatives as gifts to partners.

To make our Hong Kong a greener place to live, we’re inviting all our friends to sign up for the pledge here (in Chinese only). For added impact, you may also consider reallocating your mooncake budget towards charity, as well as extend any good intentions by donating via the following:
  1. Money donation to “St. James’ Settlement x HKBN Hot Meal Service Programme” (Click here to download the donation form)
  2. Mooncake or food donation to St. James’ Settlement’s People’s Food Bank (Click here for the list of collection points and requirements)
  10 August 2016