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800,000 Subs Achieved… Eat, Sleep and Grow the HKBN Business
  Dear Friends of HKBN

800,000 Subs Achieved… Eat, Sleep and Grow the HKBN Business
  At HKBN, we wake up every day renewed with passion to grow our business. We’re energised to deliver world-class broadband, compelling Over-the-Top (OTT) triple-play bundles, kickass value and bold, aggressive marketing.

On the heels of our recent FY16 interim results, we’re excited to report spectacular progress. This past week, HKBN achieved another milestone with our 800,000th residential broadband subscription. This represents 38% overall broadband market share based on OFCA’s statistics, and is the largest base of symmetric 100Mbps and above fibre users. To celebrate this awesome milestone, we set off on an exuberant home visit (bearing a 48-inch Ultra-HD TV as a gift along with a broadcast camera crew from our partner TVB).

Click to watch TVB’s prime-time coverage about our 800,000th customer celebration & OTT promotion (in Cantonese).
  Gift to the 800,000th customer TVB artistes Mandy Wong (left), Amy Ng (2nd from right), and HKBN Senior Manager – Technical Service and Co-Owner, Angus Chan (right) join to acknowledge our lucky 800,000th subscriber, Mr. Ng.  
Forging ahead, we continue seeking more new customers by assertively expanding our fibre footprint across Hong Kong, including village houses in rural areas. That’s why over the weekend, our management team, together with management and artistes from our OTT partner TVB, celebrated the entry of HKBN fibre service into Sheung Shui Heung, a village comprising over 4,000 households. As this rolls out, residents will soon enjoy a significant speed increase when switching from the incumbent’s legacy asymmetric 6-8Mbps copper service to our symmetric 100-1000Mbps fibre service – and be blown away by our super value triple-play OTT entertainment bundles.
Entry of HKBN fibre service into Sheung Shui Heung CEO and Co-Owner William addresses the assembled crowd during the inauguration ceremony.
  Entry of HKBN fibre service into Sheung Shui Heung HKBN’s management team, our partners and village representatives officially kick off a new era of fibre broadband for Sheung Shui Heung.  
  Entry of HKBN fibre service into Sheung Shui Heung Symbolising the harmony of our partnerships, CEO and Co-Owner William (middle) and CMO and Co-Owner Selina (2nd from right), share a friendly moment together with TVB artistes (left and right) and Top Express Chairman and CEO, Gary Chan (2nd from left).  
25 April 2016

Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited