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HKBN Fibre Broadband + myTV SUPER Bundles
  Dear Friends of HKBN

HKBN & TVB Partnership: Commitment to Bundle myTV SUPER to 400,000 Households in 18 Months and Reach 1 Million Total Broadband Subscribers Within 2 Years
In an exciting move to herald the OTT (Over-The-Top) entertainment revolution, HKBN and Television Broadcasts Limited (“TVB”) announced today the launch of myTV SUPER + fibre broadband super value bundles. By paying as low as only HK$148 a month, customers can take full advantage of HKBN’s hi-speed and reliable fibre network for an unprecedented enjoyment of thrilling, ultra-diverse entertainment content – and experience why HKBN is the leading platform for “Your home for fibre entertainment”.
  Bringing incredible bang-for-buck value, all bundles will feature 100Mbps, 500Mbps or 1000Mbps home fibre broadband service together with HKBN Wi-Fi mobile broadband, plus myTV SUPER TV box and mobile app. Through these bundles, customers can watch all their favourite programmes both at home on the big screen and on-the-go via their mobile devices.

By choosing a designated bundle* with a 24-month service contract term, customers will enjoy both myTV SUPER’s Basic Pack (includes 20 channels plus 3,000 hours of TVB Production SVOD) along with the Premium Basic Pack (includes 10 premium channels featuring variety and leisure, style and infotainment, and current affairs programs); plus 8,000 hours of TVB Premium SVOD.
  Fibre Broadband + Wi-Fi + myTV SUPER Service Bundles*

Residential Fibre Broadband HKBN Wi-FimyTV SUPERBundle Price / month
100 MbpsUnlimited use

TV box + mobile app

Basic Pack +
Premium Basic Pack +
TVB Premium SVOD

(TVB Recommended Fee: $151/ month)

From $148
500 MbpsFrom $168
1000 MbpsFrom $198
* Promotional offer is on a 24-month contract. Terms and conditions apply.
  HKBN CEO and Co-Owner William Yeung said, “HKBN and TVB are committed to offering super value beyond all expectations to the masses. Customers no longer have to pay high fees for premium video content options. Within the next 18 months, we promise to acquire 400,000 residential broadband customers to use myTV SUPER. As HKBN targets to accelerate growth of our residential broadband business, we expect the number of subscriptions to expand from the current 790,000 to over 1 million in the next two years.”

To boost morale, HKBN is holding two Talent Meetings respectively for all Talents starting today in Hong Kong, and subsequently, in Guangzhou the following day. Both events will be attended by a combined number of all 2,400 HKBN Talents. And to mobilise the company’s goal of capturing 100,000 new customers over the next year, HKBN has allocated an additional $1 million towards special rewards (on top of the standard structure for salary and bonuses) for frontline Talents, as well as one additional day of paid leave for all HKBN Talents if target is achieved.
  Press conference-cum-HKBN Talent Meeting Bursting at the seams, the press conference-cum-HKBN Talent Meeting was notably attended by over 1,200 HKBN Talents, TVB executives and artists, journalists and others.  
  TVB Executive Director and General Manager, Mr. S. K. Cheong said, “myTV SUPER brings the level of joy and convenience in home entertainment to a whole new level. Your eyes will be delighted with the super high picture quality. The instant 3 hour rewind and seamless catch-up means you can choose to watch any programmes at any time right on your TV set. Finally, we are confident that the range and quality of the programmes in our 30 live channels and 11,000 hours of VOD will make every customer happy and satisfied.”  
  HKBN CEO and Co-Owner William Yeung and TVB Executive Director and General Manager Mr. S. K. Cheong HKBN CEO and Co-Owner William Yeung (right) and TVB Executive Director and General Manager S. K. Cheong officially kick off the HKBN broadband + myTV SUPER service collaboration with a firm handshake.  
  myTV SUPER Content Highlights

 Linear ChannelsOn-Demand
Basic Pack 20 basic channels:
Features Asian dramas and variety shows, movies, food, Cantonese movies, classic dramas, Disney cartoons, sports and more
TVB Production SVOD
• Over 3,000 hours every month of exclusive TVB self-produced content
• Selected content will appear first on myTV SUPER
• 48 years of TVB classic dramas and variety shows
Premium Basic Pack 10 premium channels:
Features variety and leisure, style and infotainment, and current affairs programmes
TVB Premium SVOD   • Over 8,000 hours of monthly content
• Features Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese dramas, infotainment, food and travel, lifestyle and leisure, anime and cartoons, music, news, 4K programmes and more
  Apart from broadband and myTV SUPER service bundles for residential customers, HKBN and TVB intend to extend their cooperation to the business and retail markets; both companies are currently in close discussions for it.

HKBN is the largest provider of residential fibre broadband services (symmetrical 100Mbps to 1,000Mbps) in Hong Kong. With its world class fibre network covering all regions across the city, HKBN is more than capable of delivering 4K ultra HD programmes to not only redefine entertainment experiences for all customers, but also realise its platform promise of “Your home for fibre entertainment”.
3 March 2016

Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited