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  Dear Potential Disruptive Partners,

Global Open Invitation to Partner with HKBN Fibre/Wi-Fi Local Loop
  Over the past 15 years, we invested over HK$4 billion to build one of the most comprehensive fibre and Wi-Fi local loops in Hong Kong with deep residential and business reach. At HKBN, we believe in focusing on what we are KickAss good at doing, which is to provide the best Big Fat Dumb Pipe for our customers to access the world. This focused strategy has borne fruit in terms of our market leading growth rates and profitability.

We are extending a global open invitation for business partners to leverage our local loop so as to provide the ultimate best-in-class end user experience. We welcome out-of-the-box disruptive proposals as this is how we act ourselves. Some examples of existing partnerships include:
  • Partnering with a major amusement park, to facilitate premium-pass visitors with 3-day access to our 11,000 plus public Wi-Fi access points throughout the city, thereby saving data roaming charges.
  • Innovated with a number of hotel groups to provide public Wi-Fi access as an integral part of their hotel Wi-Fi package, thereby saving data roaming charges.
  • Embraced international data center carriers to lay their local loop fibre in our underground ducts to connect multiple locations within Hong Kong, i.e. we’ve gone beyond offering just dark fibre to open our network to offer dark ducts.
  • United with global over-the-top content providers to cache their content over our network locally to save costs and improve customer experiences.
In short, if you have an idea to leverage our fibre/Wi-Fi local loop, come chat with us as we are wide open for business partnerships such as revenue share, barter, etc.

Sincerely Yours,
Signature of William Yeung
William Yeung
CEO and Co-Owner
Signature of NiQ Lai
NiQ Lai
Head of Talent Engagement, CFO and Co-Owner