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Friends of HKBN

Dear Friends of HKBN

See Our Leaders Humbly Transform into Servants

World renowned author and friend of HKBN, Simon Sinek says “leaders eat last”. Not only do we agree, but inside HKBN we live this everyday… with a culture that talks flat, champions openness, and literally embraces servant leadership.

Want an example? Check out the fun pics from our recent Thanksgiving Day for Talents, where our top leaders humbly donned kitchen aprons to serve/appreciate fellow HKBNers with awesome food!


What’s cooking? Serving mouth-watering sliders and dim sum bites, our leaders enthusiastically showed thanks to HKBNers.


Earning huge “Likes” from our Residential Solutions team.


From Kowloon to Guangzhou, our popcorn and ice-cream machines were all the rage!


Check out our servant leaders in action.


9 June 2023


Leading through purpose, HKBN tops Hong Kong’s telco industry in ESG*
*Based on the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index and MSCI’s ESG Ratings
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