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Friends of HKBN

Digital wellness at your fingertips! With MixCare, our Talents can now browse the latest wellness offers, redeem health & wellness benefits and much more.

Dear Friends of HKBN

Digitalising our Talent-Obsession with MixCare Wellness

As an ICT Powerhouse that’s Talent-obsessed, we’re always looking for bold ways to make HKBN a better place for our Talents – and this time we’ve leveraged the MixCare Health platform to digitally transform how we deliver wellness.

Going beyond medical insurance coverage, our disruptive approach empowers HKBNers with the flexibility to live healthier lifestyles, as they can now choose from a variety of options like fitness or yoga classes, getting prescription eyeglasses or medication, and more. And reimbursement is simple – a few clicks is all it takes! In addition, our Talents get access to a thriving wellness marketplace that offers awesome discounts on dental care, health checks, etc., and even HKBN-exclusive flash offers like $1 air purifiers! 

“We are proud to be a leading force in our industry that is pushing wellness beyond legacy medical insurance coverage. With its ease-of-use simplicity, MixCare offers scale, speed and cost efficiency that empower our Talents to enjoy a wider array of wellness benefits and/or activities, and live healthier – which are all win-wins for HKBN.” 

Adele Chu, our Co-Owner and Director – Talent Engagement 

“At MixCare, our mission is to empower access to a holistic range of health and wellness solutions through our advanced digital platform. By providing seamless access to more than 4,000 individual wellbeing services, we believe we can ensure that HKBN Talents feel supported and cared for, and enable them to live better, healthier lives.”

Alex Wong, CEO and Co-Founder of MixCare Health

30 January 2024


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