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Friends of HKBN

Welcome to our Club

Out of a simple mission to put our “Technology for Good”, HKBN and our many volunteer teams have made a tremendous impact over the last two years. From providing ICT services at affordable rates to coordinating free cybersecurity assessments, our enablement of Social Profit Organisations (SPOs) who are on the frontlines empowering local communities is something we consider very critical, especially with the way the world is changing digitally.

Riding on all this previous work, we established our brand-new SPO IT Club to make technology and expert knowledge more readily accessible for SPOs. Open to any SPO in Hong Kong, the free of charge SPO IT Club continues our work to bridge the digital divide in the form of pro-bono programmes which cover important areas like cybersecurity, IT training workshops with 1:1 guidance, workflow digitalisation and a lot more, as well as provide free IT consultations and discounts on HKBN’s ICT solutions.

Interested in becoming a member of our SPO IT Club? Click here to sign up for free.

Leading through purpose, HKBN tops Hong Kong’s telco industry in ESG*
*Based on the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index and MSCI’s ESG Ratings
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